Samuel Hahnemann

How to search for symptoms

You can use the following search capabilities:

Simple search:

Insert one or several search items into the search field.
The search is not case-sensitive.

You can choose between

  • "and"-search: the symptom must contain all search items.
  • "or"-search: the symptom must contain at least one search item.

and also between

  • Searching for whole words
  • Searching for parts of words

You can select the search mode using the radio buttons.

If you want, that the symptom doesn't contain a certain word use the "-" sign before the item (without space).

With the whole word search you can use the " * " sign as a wildcard for any number of chars (also none).
In the whole word search words with less than 4 chars will be left out.

Advanced: With the search for parts of words you can use regular expressions.

Phrase Search:

Enclose multi-word phrases in quotation marks, e.g. "deep sleep".

Punctuation marks will be ignored.