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Samuel Hahnemann


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Abdomen >> pain
  • Symptom: pain
  • Symptom-No.: 70663
  • Main rubric: Abdomen
  • Native language: English
  • Translations:
    • German: Schmerz
  • More details: Research


Collapse main rubric Main rubric Abdomen
Collapse rubric Symptom rubric pain
aching, dull pain Info
aching, navicular region, left Info
acids, from Info
afternoon Info
agg., bending backward Info
agg., bending double Info
air Info
alternating with Info
alternating with pain in chest Info
amel., bending backward Info
amel., bending double
anger, after Info
as if squeezed between two stones Info
ascending stairs Info
bed Info
bend double, must Info
bending backward Info
bending double Info
bending double agg. Info
biting Info
blow, as of a
blowing nose, on Info
brandy, after Info
breakfast Info
bruised, tenderness
burning Info
burrowing Info
bursting Info
cherries, after Info
chill Info
clawing Info
clothing agg. Info
clutching with nails, as if Info
coffee Info
coffee, agg., after Info
coffee, amel. Info
coition Info
cold Info
colon, the whole length of the Info
comes gradually and goes gradually Info
comes, quickly and goes quickly Info
constipation, from Info
constricting pain below short ribs extending to abdomen Info
cough, during Info
cramping, griping Info
cutting Info
damp weather, from Info
daytime Info
despair, driving to Info
diarrhoea Info
digestion, during Info
digging Info
dinner Info
distensive Info
dragging Info
drawing Info
drawing in abdomen Info
drinking, after Info
dull Info
dysenteric Info
eating Info
eructations amel. Info
evening Info
excitement, after Info
excoriated, as if Info
exercise Info
exertion, after Info
exhalation, on Info
expiration, on Info
extending Info
extending to, downward Info
extending to, testes Info
flatus, passing Info
flexing limbs amel. Info
forenoon Info
fright, from Info
fruit, after Info
gnawing Info
grinding Info
haemorrhoids, from Info
headache, with Info
heat, during the Info
hemorrhoids, from Info
hip, region of Info
hunger, during Info
hypochondria Info
hypogastrium Info
ice cream, after Info
ileo-caecal region Info
ileo-cecal region
iliac region Info
ilium, crest of Info
indignation, after Info
inguinal region Info
inspiration Info
intestines, in Info
intestines, sigmoid flexure Info
jerking Info
knot Info
labor like Info
labor pain, during Info
lancinating Info
laughing, from Info
lead, from Info
leaning on the side Info
left to right Info
lifting, from Info
liver Info
lying Info
menses Info
milk, after Info
morning Info
mortification, after Info
motion Info
neuralgic, spleen Info
night Info
pain in general, backward, extends Info
pain in general, behind sides Info
paralytic Info
paroxysmal Info
peaches, after Info
pecking Info
periodical Info
pinching, abdomen, in general Info
pinching, hips and loin region Info
pinching, left Info
pinching, lower abdomen Info
pinching, navicular region Info
pinching, sides Info
pinching, together Info
pinching, upper Info
plums, after Info
potatoes, after Info
pregnancy, during Info
pressing Info
pressure agg. Info
pressure, amel. Info
radiating Info
radiating, back and chest, to Info
radiating, to all parts of body Info
raising arm Info
reaching high Info
respiration, on Info
retraction of the umbilicus, with Info
rheumatic Info
riding in a carriage Info
rising Info
room, in, agg. Info
rubbing, amel Info
screwing Info
sexual excitement, during Info
sharp, bowel, over Info
shattered sensation Info
sickening pain about the umbilicus after stool Info
sides Info
singing agg. Info
sitting Info
sleep Info
smarting Info
sneezing, on Info
sore Info
soup, after Info
spasmodic Info
speaking, after Info
spleen Info
spot in Info
sprain as from Info
squeezing Info
squeezing hips and loin region Info
squeezing lower abdomen Info
squeezing navicular region Info
squeezing sides
squeezing upper Info
stabbing, in spot Info
standing Info
stinging Info
stitching Info
stones, like sharp, rubbing together Info
stool Info
stooping agg. Info
stretching out agg. Info
stretching out, amel. Info
sugar, after Info
supper, after Info
suppressed haemorrhoidal flow Info
suppressed hemorrhoidal flow Info
tearing Info